2021 # WRITING
— I, Nature
Mahler Forum for Music and Society
July 2021, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt / Mahler Composing Hut
2021 # WRITING
I never wanted to write about Warhol.
And yet I did.
June 2021, Vienna
2017 # WRITING
No-Time for Utopia
Research Pavilion Venice
November 2017, Venice
2013 # WRITING
In Search of Lost Time
Master Thesis
June 2013, Vienna
2012 # WRITING
Theater an der Grenze
Kulturpolitik im Nationalsozialismus – Funktion und
Aufgabe des Kärntner Grenzlandtheaters als
„Träger und Künder deutscher Kultur“ (1938–45)
April 2012, Klagenfurt / Celovec
2012 # WRITING
Design as Inquiry
Über Design als Forschungspraxis
February 2012, Vienna
2011 # WRITING
Morality Play
Aestheticized ethics – the Holocaust
trials as a form of dramaturgy
July 2011, Rotterdam
2011 # WRITING
Regarding the Status of Others
About the disappearance of the public sphere
and the reinvention of political debate
February 2011, Rotterdam
2010 # WRITING
A Mapping Practice of Everyday Life
About the power of map making and
alternative strategies of perceiving the world
December 2010, Rotterdam
2010 # WRITING
Gradbišče Koroška
O sodobni arhitekturi na Koroškem
May 2010, Klagenfurt / Celovec
2008 # WRITING
Die Inszenierung der Frau
Darstellungen von Schauspielerinnen auf der
deutschen Bühne des 18. Jahrhunderts und
im narrativen Kino der 1930er–1950er Jahre
July 2008, Vienna
2008 # WRITING
Die Ästhetik des Lichtspiels
Zur Filmkunsttheorie von Hugo Münsterberg
June 2008, Vienna
2007 # WRITING
No More History
Das Medienzeitalter und seine Geschichte
November 2007, Vienna
2007 # WRITING
Mapping here, there and elsewhere
About the perception of locality, mobility and migration
October 2007, London
Mapping here, there and elsewhere
About the Perception of Migration
October 2007, London
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