Vienna Open
Festival for Open Design, Structure, Fashion and Sound
November 2012, Vienna

Project initiator: Gerin Trautenberger
Realized by Verlag Neue Arbeit
Project manager: Nataša Sienčnik / Bernhard Tobola
Curator (lectures/workshops): Nataša Sienčnik
Curator (exhibition): Moya Hoke
Curator (store): Bernhard Tobola
Exhibition design: Franz Piffl / Lukas Bast
Graphic design: Emanuel Jesse

Guests: Katarína Lukić Balážiková / Hana Hudakova (SK), Ronen Kadushin (IL/DE), Peter Kirn (US/DE), Thomas Lommée (BE), Cecilia Palmer (SE/DE), Georg Russegger (AT), Andreas Stoiber (AT) and Tingel Tangel (AT)
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