Temporary Settlement
Tent installation in public garden
May 2010, Gerisch Skulpturenpark

An unknown settlement occupies a garden. Through the fence, tents are visible, all with the same shape and illuminated from the inside. The origin of these tents, however, is unknown. What remains is a spatial intervention using light and serial repetition. The work tries to create a new topography, but at the same time offers various views of modern nomadism. The homogenous tent settlement is placed in an idyllic garden outside its ...natural... habitat, seems out of place, even if the white semi-spheres are definitely embedded in this staged nature. The intervention does not indicate its origins, but perhaps anabstract, wandering subject. It remains an open question whether at issue is voluntary or involuntary migration. Ultimately, the settlement disappears without a trace, just as quickly as it once entered the garden.
Material: Metall, Polyester, LED
Photo: Natasa Siencnik
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