2021 # WRITING
— I, Nature
Mahler Forum for Music and Society
July 2021, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt / Mahler Composing Hut

You keep painting my picture without asking me for permission. But do you really see me for who I am? Do you really want to know me? Throughout history it has been you, not me, asking for this relationship. I was fine. I was just fine without you. But then at some point, you were born and you developed quite beautifully. From this simple newborn creature to this complex subject. And I am proud of you, I really am.
But let us start at one of the openings we are familiar with. In the beginning, there was darkness, they say. I can’t remember, was it 6 days or 6 million years, time just flies for me, you know. So, then there was light. Finally, I could see. And water. Imagine, a world without water! — Or, let’s imagine a world just made of water. You might be rock, or a fish, or even a whale, or a less exciting carp, but you could swim, just naturally and I would surround you like a huge bathtub.

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