Future Generator
A visual mixing tool to create and print your individual future on demand.
May 2014, Art University Linz

The Future Generator is a visual mixing tool implementing certain parameters to predict the future. It has been used to produce the visual communication for the design symposium “Multiply Futures – About possible and impossible future scenarios” at the Art University Linz. While the color is based on whether the future might be utopian or dystopian, the position of the typography corresponds with the political system, the choice of font reflects the technological aspect and the complexity of the graphics in the background respond to the choice of network. Depending on whether we imagine a society focusing on the individual or community the speakers on the poster are being presented more dominantly or fade into the background.

Download Posters front MULTIPLY_Poster_RZ-A.pdf
Download Posters back MULTIPLY_Poster_RZ-B.pdf
Wood, Ceramics, Electronic components, Microcontroller, Screen

Concept & Design by Brigitte Höfler & Nataša Sienčnik
Coding by Clemens Schrammel
Hardware by Gregor Göttfert
Ceramics by Deike Janßen
Photos (1–5) by Florian Voggeneder
Photos (6–7) by Jürgen Grünwald
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